Best way to hire an employee?

When it’s the time to hire new people in your organisation, you should take it seriously. Don't just glance at your candidate’s resume and hire people who just looks or communicates well. Instead, adopt some effective hiring strategies to make sure you are onboarding the best people. Hire employees who are smarter, nicer, and more hardworking are the one which can take your company to the next level. So, hiring best employees is the first step towards your company’s success. Creating effective hiring strategies is to ensure that you are recruiting the best talent in your organisation.

To find a person who is a good fit for the job opening and the organisation, you need to evaluate your candidate's several ways. With a proper hiring process and strategies, you can attract high-quality candidates easily. Below, I have mentioned some of the best hiring practices from top companies. Here we go -

Top 5 Recruitment Strategies

Group Discussion Of The Potential Candidates

Organising a group discussion is one of the best ways to evaluate your potential candidates. It will help you to analyse a candidate’s knowledge, communication skills, character and ability to work in your company.

How To Do It?

Invite the selected candidates for a group discussion session. Make the aware about the topics which are going to be discussed. Select topics which are in line with the type of work your company does.  Here, even you and some of the best brains of your company can join the discussion for driving the best outcome.


Handpicking The Candidates

Handpicking the candidates clearly reflects that you want them. In this, your potential candidates are more likely to be already working in a company. Now, it is quite difficult to grab their attention and convince them to work with you. It is possible only if they realise that working for your company is more profitable than where they’re currently working.

How To Do It?

Reach them via social media sites, or even an email. Use the power of emotion in your pitch, start your mail/text with something like “Hey, I was going through your profile, it’s amazing. Would be interested in considering a new and better job role?” Moreover, you need to be much more positive in your messaging, try to keep it short and simple.


Job Fairs And Other Events

Job fairs are the events which are organised in order to give employers and job seekers a chance to interact. Here, companies set up booths to attract their potential candidates. The main agenda of this program is to screen numerous candidates in a short period of time. Other than this you may also opt for other events according to your hiring need. For example, if you want to hire a programmer, you can attend a tech/programming related meetups in the area.

How To Do It?

It takes a lot of time and efforts to organise a successful job fair. Firstly, you need to make sure the location you choose is large enough to hold the estimated number of job seekers. Finalise the time and date of the job fair, as you are done with it, send invites to your target audience for the fair. Job fairs also can be done online, a virtual career fair includes many services such as video, live chats, downloadable material and much more.


Create A Better Job Description

For hiring the best candidates you need to come up with a better job description. The job description is a critical document for every position. Employers treat job descriptions as a way to weed out the kind of employees they don't want. A better job description helps to focus on attracting the kind of employees they do want.

How To Do It?

Keep this thing in mind, you should describe the job and not the kind of person you want. Rather than listing the skills and experience in the job description, write what the real job is. Elements such as job title, duties, salary must be covered in the job description. Don't be vague about the job responsibilities, be specific and accurate. Failing to do this will keep away the best employees from even applying.


Employee Referrals

Word-of-mouth is an effective recruiting tool, it makes sense to use existing staff to help you seek the best talent in your organization. Here, your employees can recommend their well-qualified friends, relatives or even ex-colleagues. Reward the employee whose recommendation leads to a successful hire.

How To Do It?

Before you begin with this program, educate your employees on the positive impact referrals will have on your company’s culture and bottom line. As you start getting employees through referrals, don’t forget to give rewards to those employees who have provided with the best candidates. Develop a standard form to record details, such as an employee's connection to a prospect, referral dates and when rewards are due.


These were some of the best strategies to hire best people in your organisation. I hope now you have understood, how to hire quality employees. If there are more such ideas spinning in your mind? Feel free share it with us in the comment box.